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Planning to Buy 2 BHK or 3 BHK Flats in Kestopur? – Myths Busted

Many people have second thoughts about buying 2 BHK flats in Kestopur. Overcrowded buses, traffic congestion, and lack of parking spaces are a few visible instances that change the mindset of people planning to buy flats in Kestopur. No place is perfect. Agreed. But for IT professionals, buying flats in Kestopur can be bliss. Especially after introducing the Sector V Ring Road connector with Kestopur, you can now easily enter Sector 5 within 18 to 20 minutes by car.

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With a plethora of luxurious residential projects going in and around Kestopur, buying a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in Kestopur is certainly a good decision. To help you make the buying decision, here are a few myths that are busted. Kestopur has changed over the years. Have a look at the myths and make your decision.

Myths Busted about Buying Residential Flats in Kestopur

  • Myth 1: Kestopur Lacks Commercial Facilities

Kestopur is no longer a suburb of Kolkata. With its connectivity with Sector 5, Salt Lake and Baguihati, Kestopur is now a hub for innumerable departmental stores and medium-sized food restaurants. You can easily reach the Axis Mall (21 minutes) and City Centre 1 (20 minutes from any location in Kestopur. Furthermore, you’re concerned about the medical facilities. In that case, you can easily access ILS Salt Lake, which is at a mere distance of 18 minutes, and Anandalok Hospital, which is at a distance of around 13 minutes. Hence commercialisation is no more a barrier in Kestopur.

  • Myth 2: Kestopur Lacks Transportation Connectivity

Previously people believed that Kestopur was an extended part of Kolkata. However, this location is highly convenient for frequent flyers since it is 7 Km away from Airport. Apart from that, the VIP road and the Salt Lake Kestopur connector help people to commute without any traffic to parts of South Kolkata, Madhyamgram and Sector 5 smoothly.

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  • Myth 3: Kestopur is a Congested Area

All residential projects in Kestopur are being made keeping hygiene, vaastu and the concept of spaciousness in mind. If you plan to purchase a 3BHK flat in Kestopur, you can select the luxurious yet affordable projects ongoing in Kestopur. You’ll get security, a garden, a play area and even swimming pool facilities there.

  • Myth 4: Kestopur Residential Projects are Expensive

Research shows that Kestopur is one of Kolkata’s most affordable housing hubs. You can easily get ready to move into flats with ample facilities. Because most IT professionals commuting in and around New Town, Airport, and Sector 5 prefer buying flats in Kestopur, the builders keep the prices within the range.

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