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Vastu Tips for Flat – What To Follow For a Peaceful Living?

Buying a new flat is a major decision. Along with the budget, location and other perks, Vastu is an important consideration you should consider. Although it might sound old school, vastu shapes peace, positivity and happiness for the people residing in the flat. An oddly shaped flat and a wrongly placed main door can bring down negativity and sorrow in your life. Direction, orientation and placement can make a major difference.

Along with budget and location, ensure you check the small needs of vastu in your house. You will come across many flats near Rajarhat Kolkata for sale. However, only some flats have been constructed as per the Vastu needs.

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If you’re a first-time buyer, here are a few considerations you must follow. A luxurious range of 4 BHK Flat in New Town Kolkata is available that you can buy at your convenience anytime. However, make sure you check these points of Vastu so that you can improve your stay.

Tips for Maintaining Perfect Vastu – Follow them in your New Flat

  • The Direction of the Entrance

As per the vastu shastra, having the main door on the right side of the flat helps attract positivity and good luck. Also, many people believe that the main entrance door of the house should be larger than the rest of the doors to invite abundant wealth and positive energy into the house and family. So, if you’re looking for a 3BHK flat near Newtown Kolkata, consider this point as well.

  • Plan the Kitchen Room Properly

The southeastern corner of the flat or house is the most preferred location for the kitchen. As per the Vastu Shastra, a person should face the east side and cook to have a healthy life and not get harmed during the cooking period.

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  • Ideal Shape and Position of Bedroom

Vastu Shastra puts immense pressure on having the right-shaped bedrooms. A bedroom is where you will spend the most memorable, happy and relaxed time of the day. Having a symmetrical bedroom helps maintain the emotional balance between the room’s inhabitants. Hence, when purchasing a flat, make sure that the bedroom’s shape is square or rectangular. Do not opt for a designed bedroom with no proper symmetry.

  • Add Plants at Proper Locations

Plants add to the positivity of the house. If you have a balcony on the eastern side of the flat, then you can place different plants in the same place. Among different types of plants, the Jade plant or Money plant is always considered lucky. It symbolises prosperity, wealth and positivity. Plants also radiate oxygen that refreshes the environment and energises the house’s inhabitants.

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