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Buy Highly Secured 2BHK Flats – Things to Check

Buy Highly Secured 2BHK Flats – Things to Check

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Buy Highly Secured 2BHK Flats – Things to Check

Are you planning to buy a luxurious 2BHK flat in Madhyamgram? Unquestionably this will be an investment of a lifetime for you. Along with different other features, locations and rates, security is something that should be on your priority list. The demand for luxury flats in Madhyamgram has recently risen due to its quick connectivity with the airport and metro station. However, when you choose the apartment, check the security facilities available in the compound.

For instance, 24/7 CCTV access and secured access points are two crucial things you will encounter in every luxurious apartment nowadays. People majorly put more effort into the aesthetics of the flat, and security features take a backseat in the process. Securing property is necessary with growing instances of unimaginable crime threats in urban areas.

If you have a flat for sale in Madhyamgram, here are a few security features you must check before finalising.

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Major Security Features that Every Luxury Apartment Must Have 

  • Secured Access Control Gates

These types of advanced access control gates at the main entrance of the apartment compound keep unauthorised people from the premises. If your flat has this option, apart from the inhabitants, no one else would have access to enter the main premises of the building. Moreover, if this automated system is in place, you won’t have to appoint a separate security guard at the entrance. 

  • Heavy-duty Secured Locks

Ensure your apartment is adorned with heavy-duty door jambs and locks that can’t be broken into. Also, ask the builder to include advanced safety features like anti-slip and anti-lift facilities on the window frames so that the windows are not vulnerable to burglars.

Flats Near Dumdum Airport

  • Card Access systems

There are many apartments where the builder will provide you with valid access cards that store the complete information about entry, exit and other details of the residents. These cards are programmed effectively to restrict any unwanted entry into the premises. This card access system also keeps a complete history of the people entering, the duration of their stay in the apartment and their exit timings. So, whenever you’re searching for a flat in Madhyamgram, check the availability of this type of security facility.

  • Intercom Facilities

With the help of intercom facilities that connect the entrance security personnel to every apartment in the housing complex, inhabitants can communicate. Security guards can inform or take permission from the residents through the intercom before allowing any person within the premises. Moreover, the residents can communicate the same to the security for any emergency.

  • CCTV Surveillance

The last but undeniable security option is the 24/7 CCTV surveillance provided to all the residents with the help of mobile access. CCTVs are put around the parking to give the residents access to the video of whatever is happening in and around the apartment.

Buy ready-to-move 2BHK flats in Madhyamgram from Bhawani Group. We offer technologically advanced security features for every flat that we sell. To get the best 2BHK flats within your budget, contact us.


Buy Highly Secured 2BHK Flats – Things to Check

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