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Real Estate or Fixed Deposit Schemes: Which is A More Profitable Investment?

Real Estate or Fixed Deposit Schemes: Which is A More Profitable Investment?

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Real Estate or Fixed Deposit Schemes: Which is A More Profitable Investment?

When considering investing a lump sum amount of your money, you should consider an option that involves low risk and high return. Low-risk investments are generally a stable option and can give you a guaranteed return on your money. Again depending on whether you want to invest in long-term or short-term options, you can select the most feasible option.

There’s always been a debate between the two options, namely the real estate investment and the fixed deposit schemes. Fixed deposits are the popular financial schemes where a deposited amount of money fetches high returns over a period. On the contrary, in simple terms, real estate investment is the purchase of a flat with the motive of reselling the same later.

For instance, buying flats near the airport in Kolkata can help you get high resale value because of the prime location and the connectivity of the flats. So what is the better option for you? Should you buy a 2BHK flat near the Kolkata airport or invest in a fixed deposit?

To help you make the decision, here are a few points. 

Real Estate Vs Fixed Deposit

Which is the Wiser Investment Decision?

  • Guaranteed Returns or Rising Profits


If you plan on buying a property, you might have to gather a lot of money. The price of the real estate market in India is rising. And this is a positive factor that should induce you to invest in the same. If you buy a 2BHK flat near the airport today, then after a year, you can sell it at a higher price. The price of flats depends on the market conditions.

On the contrary, a fixed deposit return rate is not subjected to market risks. You can check the final maturity amount the moment you buy the FD. So, this is more of a guaranteed return scheme.

  • Quick Return or Long-Term Profits


After buying a flat, instead of selling the same, you can easily rent it out. This will help you get a recurring income unless you’re ready to sell the same. If you have a flat in a posh location, the market value for the rents will be higher. FDs, on the other hand, are a source of long-term profits. You need to keep the FD for a fixed number of years. So if you want quick and recurring profits, real estate is a better investment.

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  • Purchasing Power

The decision to invest should depend largely on the purchasing power of the individual. An individual generally uses all the savings for a flat and even takes a loan. However, for buying an FD, there’s no such necessity. So, depending on your salary rate, you must decide to invest. For first-time investors, FD is a better option. On the contrary, for experienced investors with years of experience, flats are certainly a great option to try.

Millions have trusted both real estate and FD for years. Both provide positive returns and are subject to risks. The decision to invest depends on the need and financial strength of the individual.

If you’re planning to buy a 2BHK flat near Airport Kolkata, then investing in the luxurious flats of Bhawani Group is a feasible option. Our project Bhawani Courtyard has the finest group of 2 BHK and 4 BHK flats for individuals looking to settle near the airport. Our luxurious accommodation can be sold later for a high price. Make a wise decision and check out the flats.

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Real Estate or Fixed Deposit Schemes: Which is A More Profitable Investment?

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