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Planning to Invest in Real Estate – Buy A 3BHK Apartment for Peaceful Living

Planning to Invest in Real Estate – Buy A 3BHK Apartment for Peaceful Living

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When you plan to invest in the real estate market, always think big. For people with high budget a 3BHK flat is a good option where, you can expect an elegant and posh interior with facilities for more rooms, more square feet and can plan to sale it for a higher value in future.

However if you want to expereince luxurious and peaceful living within an affordable range, then 2BHK is also a good option where the maintainance cost is also low.

The best part about investing in a 3BHK is having enough space to accommodate a growing family. Most 3 BHK flats in Salt Lake Sector 5 offer these benefits for a luxurious living experience.

Invest in a 3BHK flat and enjoy a larger-than-life lifestyle surrounded by luxury, elegance, and lavishness.

Still, having second thoughts? Here are a few benefits that will convince you to buy a 3BKH flat for sale in Salt Lake.

Why Should you Buy a 3BHK Flat in Kolkata?

  • Extra Room Availability

As the name suggests, a 3BHK apartment offers three bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen, bathrooms and a balcony. For bigger families  with more number of family members a  3BHK apartment is a spacious option. You can even manage an extra room for your kids or guests.

Growing families with kids thus prefer buying 3 BHK flats, which gives them privacy and enough space for their children. Moreover, every 3 BHK flat will ensure you have parking space for at least one car and the apartment cost. Unquestionably, this is the best future investment for families.

Flats for sale in Kolkata

  • Financial Value Appreciation

3 BHK flats for sale in Salt Lake Sector 5 area have an average price range of 70 lakhs to 2 crore depending on the square feet area. If you plan to buy flats in popular areas of Salt Lake like Kestopur, Lake Town, Kankurgachi, CIT Road or Sector 5, then you can expect the value of these flats to soar within the next 3 to 4 years.

Hence, this is a fruitful investment as you will get good resale value for these flats later.

  • Luxurious Amenities

Unlike a 2BHK, in a 3BHK flat, you can get ample luxurious facilities like swimming pools, community centres, a children’s park, fitness centres, 24/7 security facilities, a theatre and an expansive common area.

With a few lakhs more, you can enjoy a seamless blend of space and environment developed luxuriously.

Swimming Pools

  • Plans for Future Expansion

Are you thinking of expanding your family in future? Then a 3BHK flat is the best choice for you. You’ll get additional space and rooms that can help you make a successful future expansion instead of investing in a new flat purchase. Hence, 3BHK flats are a one-time investment with the scope of multiple future gains.

With numerous benefits ranging from spacious and luxurious living experience to getting high rental value – investing in a 3BHK is a wise decision. Make sure you contact a reputed builder to get the best value for the price you’re paying.

Get in touch with Bhawani Group for a lavish 3 BHK flat for sale in Salt Lake. At Bhawani Group, we design flats according to the inherent needs of the customers. Check out our range of flats in and around the Salt Lake area and buy according to your financial affordability.

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Planning to Invest in Real Estate – Buy A 3BHK Apartment for Peaceful Living

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